are coffee grinds good for roses?

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Are coffee grounds good for Roses?

Coffee grounds have been touted as a great way to use a waste product to fertilize rose plants effectively. However, like everything else, there are some benefits and some drawbacks. To answer the question, are coffee grounds good for roses, let us look at some facts. How Are Coffee Grinds Good for Rose Plants?


Does scattering coffee grains under Roses keep bugs away?

Scattering coffee grinds under your rose plants. I love my rose garden and don’t like using pesticides to keep the bugs off. I have heard that scattering used coffee grounds around the base of my roses can help keep the bugs away. Is this true? I hope so! As it happens, we love roses too! At the last count we have about 35 roses in our back garden.


Do worms like coffee grounds on roses?

Helpful garden worms eat coffee grounds and further enrich the soil roses are growing in by leaving behind nutrient-rich castings. And luckily because of their dislike for the caffeine in coffee grounds snails and slugs, will stay away instead of eating your flowers.


Are used Rose grounds good for the garden?

Because used grounds can be slightly acidic, when added to the soil they can help to lower the pH to the appropriate levels needed for the best rose health and growth. (Using a pH test or pH meter can help you to get more insight into the soil condition you are working with and your results).


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