can i drink coffee with braces?

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Can I still drink fizzy drinks with braces?

This can lead to tooth decay and erosion. Fizzy drinks can also stain the brackets of your brace. If you do drink these types of drinks, don’t sip the drink – use a straw instead. Water and plain milk are the safest drinks.


What beverages can you drink with braces?

  • When you drink soda or other soft beverages, use a straw
  • Try to drink faster to get more negligible an effect from sugar and acid, which will not get the chance to hurt your teeth
  • Drink soda only when you are taking your meals
  • Try to drink clear soda or light color to reduce the cause of a stain
  • Avoid dark soda and liquid types of soft drinks


What can fizzy drinks do to braces?

Do fizzy drinks affect braces? The Oral Health Foundation reports that drinks with carbonation can stain the metal brackets of your teeth. They can also cause strange stains and erosion on your teeth when your braces come off. That means if you’re drinking soda or carbonation during braces, you can erode the tooth enamel that is showing.


What soda can I drink with braces?

  • Limiting the amount and frequency
  • Sticking to clear varieties
  • Opting for sugar-free


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