can i use coffee filters to filter maple syrup?

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Can you put maple syrup in a water filter?

There are specially made maple syrup filters, but you can also use cheesecloth, if you are only doing a small amount. It is also important to change out your filters after filtering two or three gallons of maple syrup. Don’t try to force the maple syrup through the filter as it will also force the sugar sand through as well.


Can You filter syrup after it has been drawn off?

It is best to filter syrup that has just been drawn off from the evaporator or finisher while it’s still hot. The syrup will start to thicken as soon as it cools which will make it next to impossible to filter. Sap is transported to a sugar house where it gets boiled down until it reaches the density of syrup.


How do I clean the filters on my syrup maker?

Your filter will also work better if slightly dampened in hot water before use We recommend that you rinse filters by turning them inside out and flushing them with boiling water until the water runs clean. DO NOT use soaps or detergents to clean your filters; this can flavor your syrup.


How many gallons of syrup can I put in my filter?

Note: Your filters will become clogged after filtering 2-3 gallons of syrup, so it is important that you switch out your filters. Do not try and force the syrup through the filters as this will also force the niter through as well. Pre-filter cones.


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