can you drink coffee with invisalign trays in?

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Can I drink soda or coke with Invisalign?

You can drink coke and soda with Invisalign as long as you take the aligners out of your mouth. While it may be tempting to drink these beverages with the aligners in your mouth, know that doing so can stain them or even cause damage.


What is safe to drink with Invisalign?

Tips for Drinking With Invisalign

  • Take your aligners out before drinking hot coffee or tea, red wine or beer, and soda.
  • Take your Invisalign case with you when you’re going out — do not store aligners in a napkin.
  • Rinse your teeth with water or brush them before replacing Invisalign to avoid possible decalcification or other hygiene issues.


Can I drink clear sugar free sodas with Invisalign?

The risk of drinking carbonated drinks with Invisalign is the liquid can get trapped under the aligners and cause the above issues. To overcome this, drink sodas with a straw and the badness will bypass your teeth. Having a rinse with water or mouthwash afterwards will help remove the damaging sugar.


Which liquids can you drink with Invisalign?

  • Milk
  • Hot water, including tea and coffee
  • Carbonated beverages, including sodas and sparkling water
  • Fruit juices
  • Beer and wine, or any alcohol


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· Stay away from unhealthy food or drink like alcohol, coffee, tea, and cigarettes. If you are experiencing sensitivity in your teeth, use certain toothpastes prescribed by the experts to reduce the level of the problem. Your dentist will offer trays for brief follow-up refreshers. Practice oral hygiene regimen strictly to prevent staining.

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