can you have decaf coffee on the daniel fast?

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Can you drink decaf tea on the Daniel Fast?

Caffeinated products aren’t a part of the Daniel Fast, and, even though decaf tea sounds like it doesn’t contain caffeine, it does. So, no, it isn’t fast friendly. Green tea is also not allowed because of its caffeine content.


What kind of drinks can you have on the Daniel Fast?

BEVERAGES 1 No caffeine is allowed on the fast (even decaf is out!). 2 The recommended beverage on the Daniel Fast is water. 3 Yes, you can have regular (unsweetened) sparkling water,…


Is nutritional yeast allowed on the Daniel Fast?

Yes, nutritional yeast is allowed since it’s not a leaven. It’s primarily used for it’s protein value. Hi Susan! what about decaffeinated green tea? No, the only beverage on the Daniel Fast is water (see Daniel 1).


Can you have chocolate on the Daniel Fast?

Unfortunately, no. All caffeinated products are restricted, including chocolate, unsweetened cocoa power, and cacao. As someone who appreciates quality dark chocolate, I wish it was part of the Daniel Fast! Some people use carob powder as a substitute for unsweetened cocoa. It has a chocolate-like flavor but without the caffeine.


Five things over August Coffee

· Over coffee, I would tell you how much I want to make more time to read. While on vacation I read The Last Thing He Told Me – it was a great page-turner! I loved getting lost in the story, and have promised myself that I’m going to spend a little less time scrolling on my phone and more time reading.

Ever Heard of an Exercise Snack –

· You hate to exercise. It’s hard to be committed. You can’t get the time to do it. Ok, so you need some sort of strategy to get yourself the benefits of exercise. Consider an “exercise snack.” Dr Gibala, from McMaster University in Canada, did just that.

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· The name of the place is a play on the names of the children mentioned in the Daniel Chapter 3 in the Bible. It is called “Shadrach, Meshach, and Abeantogo.” They have two Michigan locations – one in Lake Orion and one in Goodrich. I pass by the Goodrich location on my way home from work and try to stop in and grab a bag of deliciousness.

February 2021 – Jack Henderson, Take 5

· If you look closely, you can see beneath the surface where the water continues to bubble and move downstream, toward the St. Croix River, seven miles away. Similarly, I saw no animals, but tracks were visible everywhere in the fresh snow, mostly deer, rabbits, and squirrels, with the occasional large paw prints of some critter I hope to avoid.

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Boron, Curious Cancer Killer

· Now, a study from Turkey is our key takeaway for today. Turkey, by chance, has the highest deposits of boron in the world, and large parts of Turkey have quite high levels in their local water. Researchers in Turkey decided to compare rates of cervical cancer in areas with high boron (8.4 mg, 472 women) versus low boron (1.4 mg, 587 women).

Triglycerides Predict Longevity And We Know How

· Your triglycerides will disappear. You don’t have to call me, you can measure them yourself. It takes some 4-5 days to get them properly turned on. If you have extreme discipline and put up with the “keto-flu”, you can muscle your way through it. Or, you can gradually accommodate to it by stretching out your intermittent fasting to longer time …

The Metabolic Problems of Processed Food 4 Insulin Resistance

· Read labels. If added sugar is on the label, you can’t have it. You can prove it to yourself by getting a ketone meter and measuring your blood glucose and ketones while you do a 5 day fast mimicking diet (800 calories of vegetables only, 50% fat, very low protein). Your glucose will drop to the 70-80 range. Just 5 days will do it.

Phosphatidylcholine Prevents Diabetes

· If you want healthy plasmalogens, you have to make sure you have healthy peroxisomes, the site of manufacturing them. The only way to have that is to exercise, limit calories for at least 12 hours a day (longer is better), and get rid of fatty liver. I’ve bought lecithin. Nature provides abundant phosphatidylcholine in sunflower seeds.

Plasmalogens and Cancer – NewsinNutrition

· You can reverse that too by making sure you have sufficient choline in your diet and less O-6 fats. www.What will Work for me. Put this all together and we are talking a strategy that will reduce your risk of cancer may be on the order of 10 fold total. No kidding. I have low GTAs in my blood. That means I am at higher risk for colon cancer.

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