can you print on coffee stained paper?

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How do you make coffee stains on paper?

To make coffee stained paper, pour a strong cup of coffee into a tray or tub, making sure it’s deep enough to submerge your paper. Then, set your paper into the tray and use your hands to press down on it until the entire paper is wet.


Can you put printer paper in coffee?

Printer paper will soak up the coffee water evenly. If you let the printer paper dry and dip it into the coffee again, there will be more of an aged look. This paper would be great for little notes or gift wrapping. This paper gets pretty delicate when it’s wet so be very careful to avoid rips.


Can you use coffee stained paper for decoupage?

Another way you can use coffee stained paper is to make it on very thin printer paper and then use it for decoupage crafts. For this coffee stained paper tutorial, we tested out four different kinds of paper and got different results depending on the tooth and absorbency. The results were surprising!


What happens when you soak paper in coffee?

Some papers will react very differently when soaking them in coffee water. It’s fun to see how papers soak up coffee in different ways. Keep in mind that aging paper with coffee is not archival because coffee is acidic. Make a whole bunch at once and use them to make your own vintage style book or junk journals.


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