Delonghi ECAM2210B Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Delonghi ECAM2210B Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Delonghi coffee machines are promising, versatile and among the best. The true values and authentic techniques of making superior coffee machines are clearly portrayed in the appearance, operation and enduring nature of the machines themselves.

Construction and Design

The construction of the machine is solid and durable, while its size is compact. This model has all the features that Delonghi installs in its high-tech machines, but it is even better because of its compact design. The coffee is fast and efficient for making authentic Italian drinks, such as creamy cappuccino, latte, espresso and macchiato. The machine is designed to use ground or solid coffee beans, which the machine itself can also grind thanks to its stainless steel grinders that grind the coffee with perfection and extreme precision. The machine’s pre-grinding capacity allows the beans to be pre-ground and stored in the second chamber. You can choose the strength of the coffee by controlling the five coffee strength settings installed in the machine. Whether it’s extreme coffee flavor or mild coffee, just choose the right control buttons.


Durability is good enough to last the machine a lifetime. Operation is also reliable and efficient, with users finding all the features convenient and unique. The machine has an energy saving mechanism that reduces electricity consumption, as well as a unique boiler that also reduces electricity consumption. The unit head is detachable for a quick and easy cleaning session.


  • The machine is compact yet packed with high-tech features and automatic control.
  • The control panel has buttons to manage cup size, temperature, and coffee strength.
  • The rapid brewing system maintains the temperature of the water for a long time, so the next cup can be extracted out instantly.
  • The presence of single boiler along with energy-saving system ensures to cut down on the unnecessary electricity use.
  • The machine is cheaper than the rest of the same kind.


  • The machine might undergo damage due to poor maintenance.

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