does butter coffee break a fast?

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Does butter coffee break intermittent fasting?

However, the world we live isn’t one of strict rules, so the de facto side states that despite it breaking the rules of intermittent fasting, overall, adding butter coffee to your routine is probably a net benefit. Happy drinking, amigos. Oh, you want to know more about fasting?


Does coffee break a fast?

Most people fast for one of three reasons: weight loss/metabolic health, gut rest, or longevity. Whether coffee breaks your fast depends on why you’re fasting.


Can you eat butter while fasting?

If your main goal is to stimulate autophagy while you fast, you should reduce your energy intake from food as much as possible. This includes reducing the amount of dietary fats like butter or MCT oil that you consume. Does Heavy Cream in Coffee Break a Fast?


Does buttered coffee make you fat?

Butter coffee adds calories, but in the form of fat. Paradoxically, those fat calories aren’t what make you fat, especially because they’re not paired with high sugar or carbohydrates. In the case of buttered coffee, the extra calories from fat seem just fine.


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