does coffee make ibs worse?

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Can drinking too much coffee cause IBS?

Yes, coffee can cause an IBS flare-up. High caffeine levels can increase stomach acid production. But most people with IBS can enjoy coffee in moderation.


Does coffee make IBS worse?

Yes, any food rich in caffeine can worsen IBS symptoms in sensitive individuals. Coffee is usually worse for symptoms than other caffeinated products as it is generally much higher in caffeine. Other caffeinated products to be mindful of include tea, energy drinks, dark chocolate, soft drinks (especially cola), and pre-workout supplements.


Can you drink coffee with IBS?

Those with IBS who are sensitive to caffeine should limit coffee and tea to no more than 3 cups per day. This means, you should be fine with your essential morning cup of coffee to kick start the day (phew!). Try having a half-strength or decaf coffee if you find you are particularly sensitive and don’t manage to tolerate a whole cup. You can also swap the coffee for tea, which has a lower caffeine content.


Is coffee good for people with IBS?

Content of common caffeinated products

  • Instant coffee = 60-80mg per teaspoon (approximately 1 cup)
  • Filtered coffee (from coffee machine) = 60-120mg per 250ml cup
  • Tea = 10-50mg per 250ml cup (strength depends on brewing time)
  • Energy drinks = 80mg per 250ml can
  • Coca Cola = 48.75mg per 375ml can
  • Dark chocolate = 21mg per 50g (approximately 2 rows)


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