does pabst blue ribbon hard coffee have caffeine?

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Did Pabst Blue Ribbon Realy win a blue ribbon?

The controversy came with suggesting that the blue ribbon was an award. Story has it that the Pabst brand won first place at the Chicago World Columbian Expo in 1893. However, no ribbons were used for any beers at this fair. Winners were awarded a bronze metal. Therefore Pabst never really won a blue ribbon. Fast forward 174 years later and to this day, no one questions that Pabst is the Blue Ribbon winning beer. There is a lesson in this story.


How did Pabst Blue Ribbon win its blue ribbon?

There is some discrepancy over whether Pabst actually scored highest, but in this case, history was written by the owners: Capt. Frederick Pabst declared himself the winner. He ordered his Milwaukee brewery be draped in blue ribbons and gave his workers the day off.


How does Pabst Blue Ribbon taste like?

You might also try the following 4 beers on tap (not in a bottle, because its a different taste):

  • Blue Moon (which you can get almost everywhere)
  • a Heiffeizen (Yazoo has a nice one)
  • a cider
  • Sam Adams


Where to find Pabst Blue Ribbon?

Pabst Brewing CompanyMilwaukee, WI Widely available nearby Pabst Blue Ribbon is brewed in the finest traditions of an American Premium Lager dating back to 1844. Pabst Hard coffee Specialty Beer5.0% ABV Pabst Brewing CompanyMilwaukee, WI Available at very few places nearby Colt 45 Specialty Beer6.1% ABV Pabst Brewing CompanyMilwaukee, WI


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