how does coffee help your skin?

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Can coffee have bad effects on the skin?

Some say that coffee can exacerbate acne and dryness, while others say it doesn’t affect your skin at all. Thus, we did what we always do in times like these: turn to science. In short, coffee is good for your skin because of its antioxidant properties, but the way that you drink your coffee could be causing your skin to break out.


Is drinking coffee good or bad for your skin?

  • It is a well-known scientific fact that caffeine causes dehydration. …
  • If your go-to drink is a latte or cappuccino then dairy could also be impacting your skin. …
  • If lately your skin has been showing problematic signs, you can cut off dairy from your diet as an elimination test and see if the problem persists or go away.


Does coffee have any benefits for your skin?

To use coffee for dark undereye circles:

  • Combine ½ tsp each of coffee grounds and olive oil. Add in a couple drops of water to make a small paste in your hand.
  • Gently pat underneath your eyes without rubbing.
  • Leave the mixture on for five to ten minutes.
  • Rinse off with water or gently wipe the mask with a soft cloth. Repeat as often as needed.


How to use coffee to tighten skin?

What You Need

  • half a cup coffee beans, ground
  • half a cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • one cup unsweetened whole or almond milk
  • one tablespoon lemon juice (olive or almond oil for dry skin)
  • one tablespoon honey (additional lemon juice for oily skin)


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