how is coffee served?

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How do you serve a cup of coffee?

Serve the coffee at the counter or at the table always with the saucer placing the handle of the cup to the left and the spoon to the right of the cup with the handle of the latter towards the customer. Customers are pleased to find on the saucer a good small chocolate treat to be enjoyed before or after the coffee.


How does a server serve coffee at a restaurant?

A server may place the coffee service tray in front of the hostess, who then pours a coffee cup for each guest, asking each person for his sugar and cream preferences. The server places the cup to the right of each guest.


Is it OK to serve coffee hot?

While no one wants to serve a beverage hot enough to potentially injure someone, it is ideal that it’s at a temperature that is satisfying to the person drinking it. How hot is Starbucks coffee served?


What are the characteristics of good coffee service?

A good service includes one quick coffee preparation. Many people drinks it quickly, others prefer to taste it, but the speed of preparation is fundamental. In the same way the time interval to serve must be fast in order to prevent the drink cooling down. Serve the coffee into one preheated cup which allows to keep the drink warm longer.


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