how much does a coffee tree yield every year?

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How much coffee does a coffee tree produce per year?

.36 kg per year per tree. From sources I am familiar with, the average yield of a coffee tree is about 5 pounds of cherries (2.25 kg), not 5 kg of cherries, much less 5kg of green beans.


What does a coffee tree look like?

The Coffee Tree. The leaves look similar to the leaves of a laurel bush and the blossoms have a Jasmine like aroma. The average coffee tree produces an annual yield of 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of roasted coffee. It takes about 4,000 hand-picked green coffee beans to make a pound of coffee.


What are the different types of coffee trees?

There are three species of coffee trees: Robusta beans come from a high yield plant that is resistant to disease. It does best at lower elevations and has harsh flavors. It contains about 2 percent caffeine. It bears more coffee cherries than the arabica plant. It yields 2 to 3 pounds of green coffee a year.


How many coffee beans do you get per plant?

Let’s just assume that your trees are mature (5-7 years old) and that they aren’t growing in exactly optimal conditions. So, if you’re a home coffee grower, like myself, you can expect to get about a pound of unroasted coffee beans per plant per year. Maybe a little less. After the beans are roasted they lose between 15%-20% of their weight.


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