how to coordinate coffee table and tv stand?

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How do you organize a coffee table with a tray?

A tray is a smart way to keep your coffee table mess-free. Choose a large tray that matches the colors of the room. Place the remaining items on your table neatly inside the tray. When stacking objects, it looks more uniform to place large items on the bottom and small items at the top.


Do I need Coffee and end tables in my living room?

A room simply doesn’t look finished without the right coffee and end tables. This first inspiration picture features two coffee tables! Sometimes if you have a large room, that’s what it takes! If your living room is where you watch television as well, an ottoman (above and below) is always a great idea instead of a hard coffee table.


How can I make my coffee table look good?

This creates a balanced look in the arrangement of the entire table, and it’s a simple way to make your coffee table look organized and decorated with items you already have on hand. Use simple items like books and trays to make your table stylish, fun and functional.


Do designers buy matching sets of three coffee tables?

Ever noticed that designers usually don’t buy matching sets of three coffee tables? One of the comments I heard a lot when we toured showrooms at High Point at Market (by the salesperson giving us the tour) last Fall was “This is all too much together of course, but individually, just fabulous”.


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