is iced coffee in canada illegal?

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Does iced coffee count as coffee?

Yes, iced coffee counts as coffee. In fact, iced coffee is simply regular coffee that has been cooled down and served over ice. There are variations on this drink, such as adding cream, milk, or sweeteners; but at its core, iced coffee is just regular coffee with ice.


When was iced coffee invented?

Iced coffee was invented in 1840 in Algeria. It was a coffee and sweet drink that was invented by the French army during the battle of Mazagran. As a result, iced coffee has been known as mazagran for quite some time. Can Iced Coffee Go Bad? Yes. Iced coffee can go bad really quickly if it is not stored properly.


Are You Breaking these strange Canadian laws without even knowing it?

It’s possible you’ve broken one of these strange Canadian laws without even realizing it. Think you’re a law-abiding Canadian? You’d be surprised to learn what’s against the law in Canada.


When did margarine become illegal in Canada?

Few may remember this, but thanks to lobbying by dairy farmers it was illegal to sell butter-coloured margarine in Ontario until 1995. In fact, margarine was altogether banned in Canada from 1886 to 1948. (There was a brief reprieve during the First World War ).


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· Tea and coffee are what the Lord meant when He said ‘hot drinks.’” So that version was very short-lived. Ever since then, “hot drinks” has been defined as tea and coffee. Of course in our society, there are all sorts of new ways to consume those two things. Iced coffee, iced tea, frappuccinos, etc. Coffee is coffee is coffee.

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