Saeco HD8927/47 Picobaristo Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco HD8927/47 Picobaristo Super-Automatic Espresso Machine (Top Pick)

The super-automatic espresso machine from the famous brand Saeco is one of the most durable machines. It is the best in its field thanks to its sturdy components that not only make the most delicious coffee, but also ensure a lifetime supply for loyal users.

Construction and design

The overall look of the machine is aesthetically pleasing and complements any type of decor in the kitchen or room it is in. Its size is not too small, but also not too large to take up much counter space. In addition, the one-touch technology introduced in this espresso machine model is a hit, as it allows you to quickly brew a coffee with a simple touch. The display buttons are very easy and touch sensitive, as they control the different types of coffee to be brewed in the machine. In addition, the safety and longevity of the machine is guaranteed by the installation of an Aquaclean filter that effectively cleans hard water to prepare perfect coffee. The filter also allows the machine to prepare nearly 5000 cups of coffee without the user having to descale the machine. The espresso machine brews up to 11 types of coffee with a single press, ready to offer the user’s favorite choice in an instant, such as cappuccino and latte.


This coffee machine is as durable as it gets, as it is sturdy and robust. The ceramic grinders are durable and extremely efficient in grinding the coffee beans into the form that suits the user’s chosen coffee. The appropriate grinding activity ensures maximum extraction of flavors. In addition, the speed/function of the grinder is adjustable in 10 different levels for different grind granularity. The head of the unit is removable to allow the user to perform maintenance and servicing. The boiler is one of the fastest to heat the water to the desired limit in just a few seconds.


  • The multi-function espresso machine is quick, efficient, and extremely versatile.
  • The machine brews 11 types of coffees ranging from creamy cappuccino to ristretto and espresso.
  • The display buttons control the functions and the type of coffee to be brewed.
  • The machine makes 5000 cups of coffee at a time on one descaling session.
  • The coffee machine is worth its price.


  • It might be expensive for some people who want it for at-home use.

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