should i ask a guy out for coffee?

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Is it okay to have coffee with another guy when dating?

That being said, there is no harm in having coffee with another guy when you’re in a relationship. Pay for your own order and be clear about your intentions. Then, just enjoy the conversation knowing that you aren’t leading anyone on.


Is it acceptable for a girl to ask a guy out?

It is an acceptable way for a girl to ask a guy to meet up. You get to know him without the romantic connotations, though these things are a staple of romantic movies. If he says no, it still feels like rejection. Going out for coffee is less formal than asking him out on a date.


How to ask a fragile guy out for coffee?

The thing to do is be honest and direct. If a girl asking him out for coffee will possibly “creep him out” or “intimidate” him….you have have already struck out. I’m guessing this delicate snowflake won’t melt, this tea cake won’t crumble… that he’ll’ be flattered and accept. Any guy that seems that fragile seems like a lot or work.


Is’Do you want to have coffee sometime’a date?

To answer your primary question: Yes, “do you want to have coffee sometime” is usually a request for a date. It could be just to get to know you as a friend, but in my opinion it’s unlikely. Should I just be blunt and tell the guy I have a boyfriend, so that if it’s a date, we better not do it?


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· The idea of : “I’ll kill you and no one would ask” is the reason why some men are becoming stupid. The state will ask, her parents would ask and God would demand her blood from you. No woman has the right to kill her husband and no man should do that. If doesn’t work out between 2 of you, move on and keep searching till you meet Mr Right or Mrs …

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