should you put coffee in the fridge?

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Why is better to keep your coffee in a fridge?

The basic rules to store coffee:

  • Keep in an air-tight container.
  • Avoid direct heat source (including sunlight).
  • Avoid any change in storage temperature and humidity (do not keep in refrigerator).
  • Avoid UV or IR radiation (sunlight).
  • Use it within 2 weeks after the opening of the factory sealing.


Should coffee be kept in the refigerator-or not?

Daily coffee drinkers should keep their coffee in the pantry, not the freezer or refrigerator. While it’s important to keep your grounds or beans somewhere cool, the fridge or freezer will create too much moisture in the package. Moisture is one of coffee’s ” biggest enemies.” It can turn your beans bad really quickly and dull the taste.


Should you freeze coffee to keep it fresh?

The Benefits of Freezing Your Fresh Ground Coffee

  • It’s Easy to Do. We explained the process of freezing fresh ground coffee earlier. …
  • Fresh, Flavorful Coffee Anytime You Want. The fresh taste of ground coffee is not something you usually get to enjoy every day, but by pre-grinding and then freezing your coffee, …
  • Saves You Money. …
  • Coffee on the Go. …


Does coffee really stay fresher in the freezer?

The best way to store ground coffee to keep it fresh longer is by also storing it in your freezer immediately after use. Storing coffee in the freezer does not actually freeze the coffee, so it is always ready for use without any defrosting.


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