Tiger coffee maker (4 cup for) urban RU Red

Tiger coffee maker (4 cup for) urban RU Red

The Tiger coffee maker may not seem very popular to you, but when it comes to efficiency and convenience, this product is worth it. The design is quite simple and elegant, with the red color adding its own glamour.

It was made in Japan and the manual is also in Japanese, which is great for Japanese people. It comes with a wide grip carafe, making it easy to hold and serve. The quality is good, as is the coffee.

Operational efficiency

If we talk about its operation, it is pretty good. Its design is simple, which makes it easy to handle. It may not look ideal, but for a quality base, it makes very good coffee. It is not programmable, so you have to do some manual work. If you like manual labor, this is the product for you.

Efficiency benefits and features

It is durable and efficient. Although it is not the best in terms of features, this product allows you to drink 4 cups of luscious coffee. Due to its design, it is very easy to use and therefore easy to clean. It takes the No. 2 cone-shaped filter. Since the filter stays on top, it is easy to manage and clean.

Additional features

The Tiger coffee maker is lightweight and therefore easy to carry and move. All you have to do is fill the compartments and turn on the switch. The features of Japanese brewing technology guarantee you a high quality drink. Simple and easy indeed.


  • Simple Design and Easy to use.
  • Small in size and light weight so can be easily maintained and managed.


  • If you want to drink hot coffee, you have to start Tiger about 20-30 minutes before so that you get a hot cup of coffee.
  • If you want to pour a cup, you have to hold top of filter with your free hand so that filter won’t come crashing down onto your mug.
  • Lacks options of brewing and self-clean option.

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