what does coffee fruit taste like?

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What does your coffee taste like?

Maybe all you’ll be able to notice is that the coffee is sweet, or fruity, or tastes like chocolate. But if you start thinking about it enough you’ll start to recognize that sometimes that fruity flavor is a little more like citrus, and sometimes it’s a little more like a berry.


What does coffee cherry taste like?

When you bite into a coffee cherry, you’ll realize that it’s mostly skin and seeds (aka green beans ). The skin is rough, and the pulp sticks to the seeds; a bit like a peach stone has some slimy parts that won’t come off. The flavor of a ripe coffee cherry is rather lovely.


Why is fruity coffee so new?

And since super dark roasts were the standard before specialty coffee, it’s no wonder why fruity coffees seem so new and odd. Fruitiness isn’t just a flavor that hipsters made up to make coffee more weird or exotic. Fruity flavors actually do develop at the farm and are brought out during roasting (and coffee cherries are, in fact, a fruit).


Is coffee a fruit or vegetable?

It’s called a coffee cherry because it looks a bit like a cherry when it’s ripe. However, when the two seeds inside the cherry are roasted, they are referred to as a beans, so that is why some people might think that coffee is a vegetable.


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· Despite this, coffee producers in the region struggle with a recurring problem: potato taste defect (PTD). This results in coffee that tastes and smells like raw potato, the flavour of which overpowers other delicate tasting notes. Furthermore, agriculture is a major source of income in this part of the world.

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