what is galas remedy in coffee talk?

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How do you serve Gala had in Coffee Talk?

Gala had a fit! Serve Gala Had when Gala turns into a werewolf Werewolfs in Coffee Talk transform when they’re in Fury. On Day 11, Gala will come into the shop transformed. You won’t be able to access the Brewpad. The drink you’ll have to serve the Werewolf (Gala) is the Gala Had which is Tea, Milk, Ginger in that order.


How to make Gala’s Fury remedy in Coffee Talk?

Scroll on down to learn how to make Gala’s Fury Remedy in Coffee Talk. Making Gala’s Fury Remedy requires Tea, Milk, and Ginger, in that order. Gala’s Fury Remedy is called Gala Had, so you’ll definitely know when you’ve created it properly.


What drink does Gala want you to research for him?

He wants you to research a calming drink for him. On Friday, October 2nd, 2020, or Day 11 Gala will appear in the Werewolf form. Serve him a “Gala Had” drink.


How do you get the gala had achievement in the coffee shop?

Serve him a “Gala Had” drink. Gala Had= Tea+Milk+Ginger You will obtain this achievement once you help Neil to help you. There is a character wearing an Astronaut suit. You meet him at 3 different times. On the 3rd encounter, Day 10 Thursday, October 1st, 2020, he will ask to work at the coffee shop.


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