what to give freya coffee talk?

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What is Freya favorite drink in Coffee Talk?

Freya is a main character in Coffee Talk, and a frequent daily visitor of the coffee shop. At the start of the game, she is a short story writer for The Evening Whispers newspaper. Freya is a coffee lover, with her favorite drink being Espresso .


What drink should I give Freya on Day 11?

Make sure on day 11 to serve Freya the drink BedChamber instead of an expresso. Its not the drink she wants, but the drink she needs. *Thanks Kitty Skies


What should be served to Freya and Neil on their visits?

When Freya is tired, she should be served Bedchamber (Milk + Cinnamon + Honey) instead of Espresso. On Neil’s 2nd visit, he should be served Milky Way (Milk + Honey + Mint). When Gala turned into a werewolf, he should be served Gala Had (Tea + Milk + Ginger).


How to make Gala’s Fury remedy in Coffee Talk?

Scroll on down to learn how to make Gala’s Fury Remedy in Coffee Talk. Making Gala’s Fury Remedy requires Tea, Milk, and Ginger, in that order. Gala’s Fury Remedy is called Gala Had, so you’ll definitely know when you’ve created it properly.


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