what’s a breve coffee?

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How to pronounce breve coffee?


  • Steam and froth half-and-half at 145-160 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Allow the half and half to set
  • Pull one 2 oz shot of espresso
  • Pour steamed half-and-half into a mug, holding back the foam
  • Pour half of the foam on top
  • Slowly pour the espresso into the mug
  • Top with more foam
  • Add garnish


What is a breve coffee?

If you’re wondering what is a breve coffee, it’s an espresso drink that has a mix of coffee and cream. It’s actually very creamy and has a milk-to-coffee ratio of 10:2. This makes it a creamy, frothy, refreshing brew, and the cafe breve has been a staple of Italian coffee culture since the 1600s. A breve is like a latte but better.


Is Breve latte keto?

That’s an excellent question that deserves an equally great response. A Breve Latte can be keto, making it a product that a person can enjoy day or night. The secret of staying ketogenic is omitting the source of carbohydrates, which would be the half-and-half.


What is in a breve latte at Starbucks?

  • If you have a coffee grinder, get whole beans instead and grind them just before you pull an espresso shot to make the perfect breve.
  • Breve lattes should have equal amounts of espresso and steamed half-and-half, topped with a little bit of foam. …
  • Before adding sweetener, make sure to taste the drink first. …


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