what’s in a coffee nudge?

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What is a coffee nudge?

A coffee nudge combines the warmth of coffee and liquor in a delicious after-dinner drink. ¾ oz Coffee liqueur (eg. Kahlua)


What is a nudge?

It is a favorite restaurant drink recipe and is also sometimes called a Kioki Coffee. A “Nudge” is one of my all-time favorite drinks when I want a “warmer-upper.” I like to add a little creme de cacao to the drink, but it is optional.


Is the coffee nudge the perfect cold weather drink?

The Coffee Nudge is a fantastic cold-weather drink, but it can be enjoyed year-round. It makes use of both coffee and chocolate flavored liqueurs combined with real coffee to provide a nice balance of pick-me-up and take-the-edge-off.


When is the best time to drink a coffee nudge?

Let us know how it was! The coffee nudge can be made all year-round, but the combined effects of warm coffee and alcohol make it ideal for colder weather. This isn’t quite a winter holiday drink, making it more suitable for chilly autumn days.


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