when did iced coffee become popular?

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When did people start drinking iced coffee?

In the 20th century, an effort arose to make iced coffee a big hit among consumers. One trade publication from 1921 invoked the popularity of iced drinks like tea and soda while conceding that consumers “are only beginning to have the desirability of iced coffee brought to their attention.”


When did cold brew coffee become popular?

In the United States, cold-brewed coffee has become popular in just the past 10 years or so. It’s hardly a new style of coffee, though. Many countries have their own version of cold coffee: Thai and Vietnamese iced coffee, and Indian cold coffee.


Why is iced coffee so popular these days?

The ubiquity of ice in recent decades has probably helped increase the popularity of iced coffee, as generations used to icy-cold drinks are more amenable to the idea of consuming their coffee chilled.


What percentage of Americans drink iced coffee?

Only 20 percent of Americans drink iced coffee, compared with 83 percent who consume hot coffee. However, its popularity in the states has grown over the last couple of years. In 2009, iced coffee accounted for 19 percent of coffee-based menu items; by the beginning of 2013, its share had risen to 24 percent.


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