why does coffee help headaches?

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Does caffeine treat or trigger headaches?

While some people use caffeine as a cure for headaches or hangovers, others find that caffeine — not to mention caffeine withdrawal — gives them headaches. Here’s what you need to know about caffeine, caffeine withdrawal, and headaches. In some cases, caffeine may ease headaches and enhance over-the-counter (OTC) headache treatments.


Why does caffeine give me a headache?

  • replacing caffeinated foods and drinks with caffeine free alternatives
  • staying hydrated
  • getting enough good quality sleep
  • exercising regularly
  • eating healthful, nutrient-packed foods
  • practicing stress reduction techniques
  • reading ingredient labels to avoid unexpected sources of caffeine, such as in chocolates and candies, and tracking caffeine intake


Does coffee make a headache worse?

On the other hand, caffeine can cause headaches. Caffeine can make you urinate more, potentially dehydrating you. In turn, dehydration can cause headaches. Headaches can also be caused by a caffeine overdose. According to Mayo Clinic, overdosing on caffeine can cause headaches as well as a range of other side effects.


What does a caffeine headache feel like?

These can manifest itself in a number of different ways but headaches seem to be the most common complaint for most people. A caffeine headache can either be mild or extremely painful, similar to a migraine. Milder headache locations of one are characterized by discomfort felt in front and on both sides of the person’s head.


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· Rutaecarpine is an up-and-coming nootropic that is becoming more common in pre-workout or post-workout mixes. Its’ followers use it because of it’s anti-caffeine effects, making it possible to enjoy caffeine in a late night workout mix with little repercussions on sleep.

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