why does my period look like coffee grounds?

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What does period blood look like when it comes out Brown?

This color may look like coffee grounds. Black or brown is usually old blood, which has had time to oxidize, changing the hue. Brown blood, in particular, is often seen at the start or end of your period. At these times, your flow may be slow, which slows down the process of the blood leaving the uterus.


What does it mean when your period blood is deep red?

The deep color may merely mean that the blood has been in the uterus for a while but hasn’t oxidized yet. Dark red blood is associated with the end of your period. You may also see this color blood toward the end of your normal menstrual period as your flow slows.


How do I know if my period is coming?

Here are the symptoms to watch for. Your menstrual flow may be slower at the beginning and end of your period. As a result, the blood in your uterus may take longer to exit your body and change from the standard red to a dark brown or black. If you see black spotting before your period, it may also be blood left over from your last period.


What does it mean when your period blood is pink and orange?

Sometimes pink menstrual blood may indicate low estrogen levels in the body. Some causes of low estrogen include being on hormonal birth control that doesn’t contain estrogen or perimenopause. Blood may appear orange after it mixes with cervical fluid.


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