why does my tongue turn brown when i drink coffee?

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Why does my tongue look brown?

This bacteria can cause your tongue to look brown. Several things can cause this deviation in color. Brown tongue causes include smoking, drinking a lot of coffee or tea, and poor oral hygiene.


Do you brush your tongue after drinking coffee?

Dentist: No, your tongue is stained. But stain is just a color, not a symptom of anything. Me: I didn’t know that was possible! Hygenist: You need to brush your tongue when you brush your teeth. Now I don’t really drink that much coffee, just 3 cups a day (last one decaf).


What causes black tongue and how to prevent it?

Whether you’re smoking or chewing it, tobacco is one of the biggest risk factors for black tongue. Tobacco very easily stains the elongated papillae on your tongue. Drinking coffee or tea. Coffee and tea can also easily stain elongated papillae, especially if you drink a lot of either of them.


Why does my tongue stain when I brush it?

The most common foods that cause a stained tongue are dark drinks like coffee and tea. Other types of food that have heavy amounts of food coloring tend to stain your tongue as well. Reducing how often you consume these foods or drinks and brushing your tongue consistently can help quite a bit here.


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