why doesn’t coffee taste as good as it smells?

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Why does coffee smell so bad?

You can blame your brain. While that first sip of coffee may be a bit of a letdown, there are two aromas that are interpreted the same way, whether you smell them or taste them. The first is lavender, which retains its floral scent in the mouth, yet also has a mildly soapy flavor. The other is chocolate, which tastes as good as it smells.


Why does saliva destroy half of the smell of coffee?

Chemistry has the answer. Part of the reason coffee flavor doesn’t live up to the olfactory hype is because saliva destroys nearly half of the molecules responsible for the aroma. Scientists have found 300 of the 631 chemicals involved in forming the complex coffee scent are changed or digested by saliva, which contains the enzyme amylase.


What influences the taste of coffee?

Generally speaking, though, coffee taste is influenced by the following factors: 1. Using beans that are not fresh Contrary to what some people think, and what some coffee manufacturers may lead you to believe, coffee does not last forever.


Is it OK to not like your coffee?

Your personal tastes Everyone is an individual and in something as subjective as coffee tasting, you may find that you just don’t like this particular coffee. And you know what? That’s totally OK!


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