will moldy coffee grounds hurt plants?

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Are coffee grounds bad for houseplants?

Coffee grounds do contain residual caffeine, and this caffeine inhibits both seedlings and mature plants from growing as they should. If you have young plants in particular or have just put in seeds, it’s best to not have coffee grounds anywhere near these.


Is there a problem with mould growing on coffee grounds?

Is there a Problem with Mould Growing on Coffee Grounds? The general consensus among the gardening community is that no harm will come to you when handling the type of fungi that make use of coffee grounds, and that it is just a natural step in the process of decomposition.


Can You compost coffee grounds?

A lot of gardeners use coffee to help their plants grow, but they use coffee carefully. Like other uses for coffee, composting your grounds should be done in the right conditions with the right knowledge. Here are the top pros and cons to using coffee grounds, and whether, in the end, they’re good for your plants.


Are there any plants that don’t need coffee?

I have found that there are many plants that are not actually part of the Java bean family and do not require the ground up coffee. For example there are cacti that also need the ground up coffee to survive.


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